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Trust a Dog Walker lets you find out which Trusted dog walking services are operating in your area right now. You can also find details about exactly what is on offer and compare prices and Accreditations to find Trust A Dog Walker Members near You that meets your Requirments 

You can read genuine reviews by existing and New customers of the Dog Walker you are considering to choose so you can get a better insight into the way their Dog Walking Busines by looking at there Profile . With Genuine testimonials written by pet owners just like you, it’s the nearest you can get to having a personal recommendation and give peice of mind  . At Trusted A Dog Walker you can be sure you are going to be leaving your dog in the hands of a professional walker who will care for your  as Dog if it was their own.


Once you have looked at Trust A Dog Walker Members who interest you can contact the service providers directly, so you can obtain more information about what they offer and how they operate.

You can also look at Trust A Dog Walker Members who are based slightly further away from your Property but still cover your area. Depending on your location, this could allow you to pay less for your dog walking service or give your pet access to a wider variety of walks. So no matter where you are you can also find a Dog walker near you !


  • The Public are searching online for Dog Walkers each day,  so why not Join Trust A Dog Walker Today " and Maximise Your Business "What are you waiting For"
  • Customers will Communicate directly with You by promoting your Services on and you can choose what you can Offer. "We take no Commison,  Job Lead Fee and No Contract.
  • No matter how many Dogs you have or Location You are at You can Promote Your Service with us.
  • Quickly and easily manage your profile by Logging into the system and by adding new images, Videos , Accreditations  and Costs " you can choose what you offer "
  • It’s time to let all new and Existing Dog Owners know just how amazing your business really is by collecting reviews on your service from customers and Promote your Services on all Social Media Platforms.
  • Advertise your business with our basic listings. With no hidden fees, there is nothing to lose by signing up. No Commision ,No Job Lead Fee ,No Contract with


Create your profile now and showcase your skills to people searching for Dog Walkers near you


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